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The Lease Analysis Landlord template allows you to evaluate a lease proposal from a landlord’s perspective.

There are two templates to choose from:

  • Single Space template where the tenant rents one space in the building. This is the most common situation.
  • Multiple Spaces where the tenant rents several spaces in the building with each lease having different terms and conditions.
Lease Analysis Landlord Perspective
Templates are available for analyzing:

  1. Office leases. Uses Rentable and Usable area
  2. Retail leases. Uses Gross Leasable Area. Includes the ability to enter       % Rents
  3. Industrial leases. Uses Rentable Area

Features includes:

  • Compare up to four lease analyses side by side
  • Import building and interior photographs, location and aerial maps, site and space plan and your photograph. Create an attractive cover page, photo gallery and presentation package
  • Projection Wizard allows to enter and project revenues & expense monthly including complex lease arrangements
  • One tenant renting one or more spaces in the building with different terms and conditions
  • Selected reports can be easily exported to Excel or PDF

Reports & Graphs

  • All reports (17 pages or more) (Excludes the Project Comparison Report and Monthly Reports)