Investit Express versus Investit Pro

Investit Software offers two versions:

  1. Investit Express
  2. Investit Pro

Investit Features and Express versus Pro Comparison

The major difference between Investit Express and Investit Pro is that Investit Pro allows revenues and expenses to be entered and projected yearly or monthly whereas Investit Express only allows yearly projections.

Investit Pro also offers templates not available in Investit Express such as Buy v Lease, Lease Analysis from a Landlord and Tenant perspective, Development Analysis using monthly entries and projections. Hold versus Sell analysis is available for Pro users.

Other Investit Pro Features not available in Investit Express are:

  • Expense Caps & Stops and % Rents
  • Rent Roll for entering many tenants
  • Create your own templates for analyzing unique investment such as nursing homes, golf course, even a water slide park
  • Goal Seeking
  • The abilty to set up profit centers (separate Income & Expense Statements) for mixed use investments
  • Entering seasonal variations such as snow removal, property taxes that are paid twice a year, hotel rates, retail sales for calculating percentage rents
  • Compare up to four projects or leases side by side
  • Replacement Reserve Account

Choose Investit Pro if you:

  • need to enter and project revenues and expenses monthly because the projections change during the year. As an example, leases that are renewed during the year
  • analyze large complex investments such as shopping centers, office buildings etc
  • wish to analyze the following:
    • Buy versus Lease
    • Lease analysis from a landlord or tenant perspective
    • Development analysis using monthly entries and projections
    • Hold vs. Sell

For help in deciding whether you need Investit Express or Investit Pro call 1-877-878-1828

Investit Features and Express versus Pro Comparison Table