Investit Pro FinancierCreative Financing Solutions Software
Financier is used to generate a wide variety of mortgage schedules plus the combined mortgage schedule that summarizes all the mortgages in one report.

Features include:

  • Unlimited number of mortgages and the combined mortgage schedule
  • Monthly and Yearly Mortgage Schedules
  • Mortgages can start and finish in any Year & Month
  • Nine payment options. They are:
    • Standard Mortgage (Blended principle and Interest payment)
    • Interest Only
    • Variable Payment
    • Fixed Principle Payment plus Interest
    • Variable Principle Payment plus Interest
    • Construction Draw Mortgage
    • No Payment of Principle (Accrued Interest)
    • Your own Principle & Interest Schedule
  • Fixed & Variable Interest Rates
  • Make additional payments or borrow additional funds in any time period
  • Balloon payments
  • Multiple Terms and Amortization Periods

Financier's flexible features can be used to create any type of mortgage including Variable Rate Mortgages, Construction Draw mortgages, Graduated Payment Mortgages, Reversed Annuity Mortgages etc. Explore creative financing options.

Sample Mortgage Schedules
Following are sample Financier Mortgage Schedules. Financier Reports depend on the type of mortgage and selected options such as fixed or variable interest rates, payment types etc.

Standard Mortgage with Additional Payments. Monthly & Yearly Schedule
Variable Rate Mortgage with Additional Payments. Monthly & Yearly Schedule
Construction Draw Mortgage