Investor ProReal Estate Investment, Buy v Lease, Hold v Sell & Lease Analysis
Investor Pro is used to carryout long term real estate investment analysis - designed to easily handle simple investments such as a small retail store or apartment building … well as large, complex investments such as a property consisting of a shopping center and an office building with many tenants, complex lease arrangements, expenses, leasehold improvements and complex financing.

Versatile and adaptable Investor Pro can be used to analyze any kind of long term investment including:

  • Office, industrial, retail & shopping centers
  • Rental apartment and mixed use buildings. Trailer parks, nursing homes
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Businesses and non real estate investments
  • Land leases
  • Even investments such as a golf course or water slide park

Features includes:

  • Goal Seeking allows you to determine how much to pay for the land to achieve the desired returns
  • Projection Wizard allows to enter and project the development costs and revenues on a monthly basis
  • Multiple loans and draw mortgages
  • Compare up to four analysis side by side
  • Selected reports can be easily exported to Excel or PDF
  • Investor Pro’s flexible features allow you to create your own customized templates for unique developments
    such as a water slide park, marina, nursing home, mini warehouse etc.

Following are reports for the analysis of rental apartment.
Reports for other Investor templates such as retail, office, industrial, mixed use
buildings, hotels etc. are similar with minor differences in some of the report layouts.

  • All reports (29 pages or more) (Excludes the Project Comparison Report and Monthly Reports)